quarta-feira, 4 de abril de 2012

Maquiagem Vermelha

Oi gente! Segue um tutorial lindissimo que encontrei de uma maquiagem vermelha que é muito legal.
O tutorial está todo em inglês (awful) Mas... Da para entender apenas vendo as imagens (great ;] )
Confira abaixo:

As always, start with priming your lid:
 Then apply red shadowto both inner and outer corners of the lid:

Then make a “bridge” to either to the crease or slightly above it, like I did:

Blend upwards with red:

Apply light (or white) shadow to highlight and also to the middle part of the lid:

Then take a small brush and apply black shadow to the most outer part of the lid, and also to the inner corner:

Then apply red shadow to lower lashline (or if using red on lower lashline makes you look too sick, try using black instead):

Apply a hint of black to lower outer corner (or try if you used black, add a hint of red):

Apply mascara (sorry for my clumpy lashes, bad mascara choice):

Then apply false lashes (and eyeliner) if you want (mine are MAC #48, maybe not the best choice):
And tadah, look is done!
 Pair with nude lips or red lips, and you’re done!
Fonte: makeupgeek

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